Language is a kind of composite communication system, which mainly includes its formation, acquisition, maintenance and application, especially the corresponding human ability. A language is a concrete example of such a system. In addition to communication, language is also a major component of a person’s identity and one of the main components of a culture.

There is no distinction between good and bad language, and no language is advanced or backward. It is meaningless to compare the pros and cons of different languages. That is to say, it claims that Chinese is more advanced or superior than English or other languages, or vice versa. Meaningless; all languages ​​have essentially equal expressive power, as well as logic, meaning that can be expressed in one language, and in any other language there is also a way to express the same meaning; despite different language words The average number of syllables is different, but one study shows that users of different native languages ​​will use the same amount of time to convey the same message in their native language. Language will evolve and differentiate over time. Its evolutionary history can be constructed by comparison with modern languages. When people discover that certain animals, such as dolphins, can communicate in some way, the concept of animal language is born. In the 20th century, people were given computer instructions because of the birth of computers. This “one-way communication" to the machine becomes a computer language.

I used this song from four of my favorite singers to do this remix, plus dynamic subtitles. There are three languages used, namely Chinese, English, and Korean. Follow the song’s direction and add vivid subtitles as if you were watching an animation. In an unknown language, the text you see will be like a symbol. With the melody of music, you can link to the medium that McLuhan proposed, that is, the message, and the content conveyed by the medium itself is another medium.