Relate L.T.T

A variety of new cultural forms that rely on computer display and dissemination. Examples include websites, virtual worlds, real world, multimedia, computer games, computer animations, and more. What I have observed is the continuity and discontinuity between these new art forms and the old art forms. How new media uniquely creates real fantasy, reproduces time and space, and organizes human experiences. Media technologies such as rectangular frames, mobile cameras and collages/montages play a role in new media. We watch TV news, movies, instant messages, cell phone news, read files, record music and edit images through the computer. The ultimate storage and communication media are computers. A computer is no longer just a computer simulator, but a media machine that mediates various cultural content. The above two forms of media; mixing and typography/movement have become revolutionary in changing the world of languages, texts and technology. Although I put the language into one of the items discussed. But the history of language coverage is beyond our imagination, and the difference in media does change the dialogue between people. When people talk to people, we must use the language. A network language is a common language. Just like the movie I want to present, although we don’t understand the language, it will rely more on translation when adding subtitles, but the most important thing is what does it give you in this song? What is the difference between feeling before you understand the meaning?